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Processing applicants internationally or domestically was never a piece of cake. But with Global E-platform made it easiest than ever. Country wise requirements, data, disclosures, forms and other relevant documents could be submitted or check in just one click. Disclosures and Forms

Background Check software collectively integrated with Disclosures and Forms. Auto-integration allows all related forms like international or domestic, right from our background check software, to avoid manual data collection. It is also combined with our E-Mouse Signature technology to make your whole procedure paperless. E-Screening Packages offers to design you packages as per need to make your screening efficient. With RiskDiscovered valued background screening service packages you could customize your each package with your way like referencing, labeling and specified reporting by position, etc. E-Dashboard

All forms could be sent to applicants electronically via Applicant Portal. All of the material will be branded as per your corporate website. Within the E-Dashboard of applicant will provide the information to proceed further. Easy to access information as per your need. Easy to customize dashboard content and confidential information. User-friendly interface to give you smooth services within the budget and time-frame. The Applicant Portal combines the use of E-Forms with E-Mouse Signatures to avoid using pages and stay compliant. Message Alert

Message alerts and notifications in your dashboard will be sent in real-time. These messages or alerts intimate your the development, progress or any further action with respect to your cases. Legal notice updates, Court and weather issues also addressed to keep the flow of screening. You can also configure the email alerts as well. E-Notify

Dynamic color mechanism used to highlight the various aspect of reporting and portray the better insight view towards the subject description and content. Our clients have opportunity to access or change the corporate review status via our E-portal to check the final results. Our single clicking unfavorable letters could be mail easily as per applicant pre-defined addresses upon your corporate branding format letterhead. E-Scope

Structured data to analyze better and provide clear insight view of historical foretasted views of your background screening. With our vast resourced of information provide synchronize for your organization. Easy to customize from each of the aspect related geographical and organizational supply chain, variables, job categories, etc.