Smarter Screening. Intelligent Hiring. Background Checks with No Shortcuts.

Amazingly Easy to Use

RiskDiscovered is highly user-friendly and very easy to use. Our clients can access the portal and get their desired reports and information with a click of a button.

Simple and Affordable Pricing

With our very simple ordering process and streamlined pricing, it makes us the industry leaders in background screening. We also offer customized pricing as per the need of your business.

Custom Tailored For Your Business

We provide different solutions that can be customized or tailored according to your business requirements. Our clients can select their desired services, so that they can get more out of their business..

Compliance? Taken Care Of

Delivering compliance and staying top of it is not an easy task in the ever changing environment. We built our compliance functionality to allow our clients the ease by allowing us to take care your compliance issues.

Amazingly Smart Way of Background Screening

RiskDiscovered Risk Mitigation System

  • RiskDiscovered is a comprehensive, fully automated and secure background verification system which performs verification of different types such as employee eligibility verification, foreign criminal records, addresses verification service and is based on the most advanced web based technologies. RiskDiscovered is a highly efficient and smart system for conducting background verification processes, where our clients submit their cases for verification using RiskDiscovered system.
  • After submitting the case our highly experienced verification analyst and managers initiate the case and perform desired checks as per client’s requirement until the case is fully initiated and closed. RiskDiscovered system can be accessed from anywhere at any time using any type of device. Our system is available to the users 24/7 and 365 days that helps in keeping our clients updated on the progress of different types of their desired verifications.
  • RiskDiscovered is a hybrid system which can be used by both small and large businesses according to their needs. RiskDiscovered is very user friendly, intuitive and can be used by anyone to check results on background screening and verifications without any prior training or instructions.
  • RiskDiscovered system is designed in such a way that if you know how to use the web browser, you can easily access your desired information regarding different verifications such as employee eligibility verification, foreign criminal records, addresses verification service without any hassle.

Specialized Solutions

With our different information service, specialized solutions and technology based products, Backcheck group provides different services such as employee verification, full range of integrity and reputational due diligence of employees and different vendors and third parties to achieve compliance and manage risk to enhance business. We also offer different compliance, HR and approved psychometric assessments, social profiling and comprehensive monitoring services by using technology driven platform to ensure highest level of quality to ensure best results.

Best Quality

We are certified from ISO 9001/2008 that ensures that we provide the best quality standards and have met all the quality standard procedures to ensure customer satisfaction. We believe that highly quality attitude ensures flawless results are delivered to our clients. With this quality standard in place it ensures that the investigations and reporting are completely monitored and the results generated are highly reliable and accurate, with a likelihood that incomplete and inaccurate information is not delivered to our clients.

Innovation, Technology & Configurability

RiskDiscovered uses advanced web based technologies which are highly secure and automated that enables us to secure online ordering and fast delivery of services to our clients. We also ensure that we provide 24/7 customer support and system access to our clients, so that the requirements of our clients are completely fulfilled. Our system also generates an automated report delivery that makes our investigation and verification process and integrity of our skilled researches transparent and highly effective.

Industry Recognition

Backcheck Group is one of the founding members of NAPBS–APAC chapter, which are the accreditator and regulator of different laws and regulations related to background screening industry. We at Backcheck group have to comply with all the rules and regulations set by NABPS to ensure our integrity. We are also the members of most reputable and reliable association, Ethics–SCCE, who ensures that ethics and compliance are duly followed while performing a background check on someone.

Secured Compliance

Security audits by third parties, information security and different physical controls are integrated in the RiskDiscovered system to protect your valuable data and to meet the standards of SOC2 Type II and PCI DSS 2.0 compliance. We have met all the requirements of data protection and physical controls and compliance in align with EU Data Protection directive, UK’s DPA 1998 by ICO, Malaysia’s PDPA 2010, Singapore’s PDP Commission, FCRA, HIPPA and FTC in USA and Pakistan’s EDP Bill.

Reliable & Responsive

Our systems are highly reliable and responsive. It is built according to the need of clients and can be customized according to your own needs. You can access different type of information easily and without any trouble. Get easy access to different reports and keep track of the progress of different types of checks and compliance you opted for without any hassle. Our system is highly stable and is supported by 24/7 customer support. We are here to provide our clients with the best verification services according to their requirements.



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