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A Curse of Bogus Credentials - Who to Punish?

For the employers, the cost of hiring an individual with bogus credentials is considerable. As we all are aware of this fact that a considerable cost is associated with the hiring, training and retention of an employee. This cost can range from thousands to million based on the position of employees.

Discover how it is impossible to over-emphasize the need of effective recruitment to the overall success of an organization - first step to a supportable workforce.

Learn how an effective pre-employment screening process helps organizations in mitigating the risks associated with ineffective hiring decisions by companies. Download Now!

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Heat-Map of Negative verifications and RED-FLAGS in Pakistan

Total Negative Verification and
Red Flags = 4740 Records
     less than and equal to 50
     more than 50 and less then 101
     more than 100 and less then 1001
     more than 1000
* Note: All Records are Updated in Jan 2013

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