Do you know that a large number of candidates forge their educational records? Because of the increasing number of fake colleges and universities; verification of educational credentials has become very difficult, expensive and time-consuming for the employers. However, employers are not the only one who struggle with verification. Degree or credential holders have to face the similar jungle of varying documentation standards and bureaucracy every time they have to prove their qualification.

Whether you are a company looking for verifying degrees of candidates or an individual looking to apply for a good job abroad or within the country. Don’t let the hassle of degree verification stop you from hiring a good candidate or being an individual getting hired by a good employer. That is right; RiskDiscovered is here to help you.

RiskDiscovered Degree Verification Service

RiskDiscovered is a specialized firm providing degree verification service to the masses from universities across Pakistan. RiskDiscovered’s degree verification service is very simple. We get a copy of Degree/Certificate/Diploma; we carry out verifications by directly contacting universities to verify the information that has been provided. 

RiskDiscovered face all the problems in between the process and provide our clients with genuine and fastest results in reasonable charges. We cover all private and government universities across Pakistan.

Benefits of RiskDiscovered’s Degree Verification service for Individuals

Defend your investment

Your exams took years to develop. Your program commands the respect of the industry. And often some employers claim that your degree is fake. After investing so much time to develop your credentials, is it not worth spending a little more time to defend them?

Each time your degree is falsely attributed, its value drops. Even when no fraud is intended, the rising concern of unaccredited universities subject employers to a costly, time-consuming and eventually unreliable process of verification. In fact, a large number of employers just skip it.

A verified degree is always more trusted as compared to an unverified one. This makes the candidate to prove to a higher learning institution, an employer or an embassy that the education qualifications mentioned in his profile are not forged and that he is a genuine candidate with genuine credentials.

Individuals who are applying for higher education overseas, individuals who are applying for visa, and individuals who are planning to get a job overseas can benefit from getting their degrees verified with RiskDiscovered.



RiskDiscovered’s degree verification service for individuals close the loop between an individual and the employer. Individuals can keep their degrees valuable with the help of this service.

 Apply overseas for Higher Education with Confidence

When you make up your mind 4of going overseas for higher education, you have to go through the meticulous and long cycle of planning, preparation and execution. You give tests and take the results from all the schools and universities that you apply in. As some of the universities can ask for original transcript in hard copy from the institute or university, other can ask for a verified copy of your degree. This can be a long process for you at that time. So to avoid that long  process, get your degrees verified with RiskDiscovered prior to applying overseas for higher education.

 Apply overseas for the Employment Opportunity with Courage


You have made this decision that it is the time for you to work abroad now. Although being somewhat difficult to achieve, compared to the route of higher education, it still can work out for particular countries, and type of considered job. There is a chance that employer might ask for a verified copy of your degree, either at the time of your job application or at any future stage of the hiring process. You can apply overseas for the employment opportunity with confidence by demonstrating your preparedness and trustworthiness once you get your degree verified with RiskDiscovered.

 Apply for Visa with Confidence


Either you have secured  job opportunity overseas or admission in any overseas academic program, in either case you will have to show up at the concerned consulate or embassy for getting the visa you need. Specific countries and certain types of visa can require you to submit the verified copy of your degree. RiskDiscovered’s degree verification service for individuals can help you in verifying your degree for making visa application process easier for you.

Easier for you, Easier for them

There are many more scenarios in which degree verification pose a big challenge for you. In  most of the cases you end up travelling to the university, applying for verification of degrees and following up to get a verified copy of your degree. All this have a huge cost for you in terms of hassle, money and time.

You can leave your degree verification to RiskDiscovered and enjoy the peace of mind. RiskDiscovered degree verification service will help you in enhancing the visibility of your profile, making employers to trust on your academic achievements, applying for a desired job with confidence, enhancing your chances of getting selected. Risk Discovered will provide you written verification with university’s stamp along with a certificate.

  Benefits of RiskDiscovered’s Degree Verification service for Companies



Many employers often discover late that they have hired an important resource with considerable discrepancies such as fake degrees of education. There are many cases when candidate are enticed by the desire to climb the success ladder quickly which makes them to get fake degrees to apply for high post jobs requiring professionals with high qualification degrees.

With the help of RiskDiscovered degree verification services, companies can easily check the genuineness of educational degrees provided by the applicants at the time of their job applications. RiskDiscovered verifies the legitimacy of a candidate’s education by directly contacting the universities.

Degree verification is mainly helpful at the time of initial screening of a candidate, and helps the employers in undergoing the process of selection efficiently and more quickly.

Companies looking for high-end professionals with a particular set of qualifications and skills can benefit largely from RiskDiscovered’s degree verification service in selecting the most suitable job candidate. The measurable benefits of RiskDiscovered’s degree verification service for companies include:

Reduction in Turnover of Employee and Related Cost

RiskDiscovered’s degree verification service help companies to save their HR, training and recruitment resources by hiring suitable candidates with genuine degrees.

Fewer Bad Hires

Degree verification services of RiskDiscovered help companies in saving money, training resources and minimize the headaches of management.

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